NOW is the time to become a   profitable podcast manager!

I’m here to help you do just that.


Each month there are 80,000 new podcasts being launched.

AND YET, for every podcast, there are 1,000 more blogs.

so what are you waiting for?


Uplevel your skills and learn what it takes to edit, produce, manage, and launch a podcast for your clients in the Podcast Manager Program™!


Work with me

Whether you're interested in monetizing for the first time or want to build an incredible community from your show, I'm ready to help you put together a plan to reach your podcasting goals!


hi there, i'm lauren!

Let me guess... you've been thinking about doing this podcasting thing for awhile ...

and you're ready to jump in but want to do it the right way. I'm so glad you're here because I walk my clients and course students step-by-step through the process of launching, growing, and producing podcasts that make a true impact on their audiences and businesses!

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Lauren is professional, strategic, patient and well informed on podcasting-when we were looking for an expert that was worth every penny- we knew she'd be a great fit for our team. 

Lauren is incredibly well versed in the latest in podcasting strategy and her feedback is stellar and creates consistent improvement.

-Nicole Walters


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