3 actions to start believing in your potential as a podcast manager

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Do you struggle to believe in yourself? For some people self-confidence comes naturally, for others it’s something they’ve got to work on. In this episode, I’m talking to you about what you can do TODAY to help kickstart that faith in yourself and your potential as a Podcast Manager. I tell you the three most common reasons that people have told me that they hesitate when starting or working on their business. I also share some of my personal side-hustle setbacks and what I took away from those experiences. Finally, I mention some helpful resources and provide some suggestions on how to keep moving forward.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Learning from setbacks and looking towards the future
  • Not letting past embarrassments stop you from trying new things
  • What to do when you’ve already invested time and money in a course
  • Assessing the time and focus you have available
  • Identifying the roadblock you’re facing and getting past it
  • Realizing that we’re all working with different advantages and disadvantages
  • and, Where to find help with building the right mindset

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