3 reasons it may be hard to put yourself out there as a podcast manager

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I’ve been hearing from a lot of you that feel that if you were to start networking, you know you would land clients, but for some reason you have a hard time putting yourself out there. So if this is you, listen up. Today we are talking about three reasons why it may be hard to put yourself out there and promote your new podcast manager business. We talk about building confidence and acting with courage, and what to do if your current or previous job prevents you from going public. We also discuss whether you actually need to create content to promote your business, letting yourself off the hook from self disappointment, and focusing on building relationships.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Building your confidence as a podcast manager with small acts of courage
  • Getting real feedback on your work to gain confidence and courage to grow your business
  • Using (or not using) social to promote your business when you are hesitant to go public
  • How to promote your business when your current or previous job(s) hold you back from going public
  • Feeling like you need to create content and not knowing what to share
  • Do you actually need to create content to have a successful podcast manager business?
  • Creating relationships and focusing on one-on-one conversations
  • and, Other ways to promote your business, including cold-pitching your services in an authentic way

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