3 steps to go from $0 to $5k per month and beyond!

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In today’s episode we talk about the three steps that you can take to go from making zero dollars to five thousand dollars a month and beyond as a podcast manager. This is a topic that we circle back to time and time again because it is the bread and butter of my program, The Podcast Manager Masterclass, and this show. I talk about the steps to take to get your monthly income to 5K. Then I share three ways to scale your business beyond 5K and grow into the business owner you want to become.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Why we choose a $5000 goal for monthly podcast manager income
  • Landing your first client and learning what does and doesn’t work for you as a podcast manager
  • Raising your rates when you land your second and third clients
  • Landing your fourth and fifth clients and taking inventory of your previous clients, income, and goals
  • Determining your method of scaling your business with three examples

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With over 90k new podcasts started each month, podcast managers are desperately in need! In the first podcast DESIGNED for podcast managers, your host, Lauren Wrighton, will be sharing exactly how to build a profitable podcast management business without working more than 20 hours a week!

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