4 cool ways to use your podcasting smarts for more than just edits

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Podcasting isn’t just about hitting record and hoping for the best—it’s a full-on art form that’s as unique as the people behind the mics.

Not everyone is interested in jumping on the video podcast train, and that’s perfectly fine. Your job is to help your podcasters do their thing, in their own way. Whether it’s sticking to the classic audio podcast or venturing into the land of video, there’s room for all sorts of creativity in the podcasting space.

Want to know another secret? Not all podcasters are chasing dollars with their podcasts. Some hosts are more excited about getting leads, increasing shares, or just sharing their heart and soul with the world. Your goal is to figure out what they’re aiming for and make sure everything you do is helping them hit their target.

Podcasts change—that’s just how it goes. They grow, they shift, and they might even change their direction. You want to be the podcast manager who’s not afraid of change and can help guide podcasters when their show shifts gears. Your flexibility could be just what they need to keep their podcast fresh and relevant.

You want to use your podcasting smarts to make life easier for your client—and nothing screams “easy” quite like a smooth system that handles all the nitty-gritty details. They’ll love you for it.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How we can go above and beyond just edits and show notes
  • How everyone’s talking about video podcasts, but it’s fine if audio is more your style
  • Figuring out what your clients goal is for their show and tailor your help
  • Embracing the evolution and rebranding of shows
  • Offering your clients a reality check on what to expect
  • Creating systems to lighten your clients’ workload
  • and, Increasing your value as a podcast manager by expanding your services

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