4 steps for discovery calls that convert

Rocking discovery calls with potential clients is an important skillset to develop. It gives you the opportunity to find out what the client needs help with AND you get to know each other better to see if you’d be a good fit to work together.

I get it. Discovery calls are scary! Especially when you’re a beginner. Being nervous is totally normal, but you can develop a habit or ritual before a call to put you in a great mindset before you call.

So how to you get on a discovery call with a potential client, use your lack of experience to your advantage AND show your value? Today we are covering all of this, and more!

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In this episode about discovery calls, we cover:

  • What to do with that nervous energy you are feeling before a discovery call
  • Having an intro ready and positioning yourself as the person in charge
  • How to collect a list of things you need to know before creating a proposal
  • and, walking your client through the process and providing them with the next steps

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