5 Must-Have Tools to Use for Podcast Pitching to Save Time with Ann-Marie Tamrowski

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Podcast pitching is when you try to get your client on other podcasts as a guest, and it’s a great bonus service you can offer your clients. Today I’m talking with Ann-Marie Tamrowski, a podcast manager who specializes in podcast pitching. She shares with us some tools and strategies to make the process of podcast pitching smoother and less time-consuming. We discuss specific workflow and research tools, practical tips on how to make your pitches stand out, and how to research and find shows to pitch to.

Ann-Marie Tamrowski is a Podcast Manager and Guest Strategist that helps service pros and creatives build authority for their brand through podcast guest and media outreach. She does this by providing an aligned done-for-you podcast pitch framework that takes away the soul-sucking tasks so they can feel confident to pitch themselves with ease. When she’s not booking interviews, you can find her advocating for mental health, reading non-fiction, listening to podcasts, camping with family, and tap dancing for fun.

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In this episode we cover:

  • How Ann-Marie got started online
  • The biggest challenge of podcast pitching and how to combat it
  • Researching and finding shows
  • Workflow tools for podcast pitching
  • How to make your pitches stand out
  • Balancing your pitch between the host and your client
  • Ann-Marie’s pitch success rate
  • Writing a pitch on behalf of a client vs as the client
  • and, Tools to make podcast pitching easier

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