5 podcast predictions for 2022 with Sara Whittaker

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As 2021 winds down, my team members and I look forward to the new year and new advancements in podcasting. Today on the show, my friend and colleague, Sara Whittaker joins me to speculate on podcasting trends we expect (and hope!) to see. We talk about different ways that podcasting may be used in the future and ways that companies could bridge the gap between podcast listening aps and social media. We also share our guesses about improvements in stats, automation and learning.

Sara Whittaker is a former student of mine and a collaborator in the Podcast Manager Program. She is also a Podcast Manager in her own right and brings a unique perspective to the show, as her client base consists of teachers and educators. Sara provides some great insights into the growing use of private podcasts for business, course creators, and other industries. While we focus on 5 main areas in our discussion today, Sara and I do a deep dive on all things trending in the podcast space!

Sara Whittaker is a former teacher and founder of Podcasting for Educators, a boutique podcasting agency. Sara works with TpT authors (Teachers Pay Teachers) and other online educators to launch and manage podcasts that make a BIG impact on their audience. Sara loves helping her clients use their podcast as a way of extending their reach and bringing in new customers to their businesses. She is also a wife and mom of a four year old daughter!

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Direct-sharing of podcast links on social media platforms
  • New ways to access podcasts
  • Creepy but helpful user predictions and suggestions
  • Improved ability to receive listener feedback
  • Better accuracy and more useful metrics from podcast hosts
  • Why some updates are harder to make across the board than others
  • Show searchability on listening aps
  • Free vs. Paid podcasts
  • The up and coming world of Private podcasts
  • The celebrity host trend
  • and, room for growth in the online space

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