A look at Audio Engineering with Alyson Castonguay

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Do you want to help your clients with better audio editing and production? My guest today can help with that. Alyson Castonguay is a professional Audio Engineer with vast experience across many formats and types of shows. She shares with us her approach to podcast editing, the differences between an audio engineer and an audio editor, and tips to achieve better recordings. We also talk about the differences between podcast producers and podcast editors, and she shares her equipment recommendations. I hope you get an idea of what you could do, and maybe what you don’t need to do, as a podcast editor who’s never been an audio engineer, and how to improve your overall podcast audio quality.

Alyson Castonguay is an Audio Engineer adept across the field. From live concerts, music studio recording, voice work, audio restoration, podcast editing to teaching audio, she likes to mix it up. Her latest editing projects have debuted at #1 in Apple Fiction Podcasts. When not in the studio or at a show, you can find her hiking, gardening, or watching too much tv with her husband and kiddo in the Columbia River Gorge.

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In this episode we cover:

  • Alyson’s journey from audio editing, recording, and engineering to podcasts
  • Audio engineering vs audio editing explained
  • Differences between podcast producer and podcast editor
  • Using outtakes in your podcast
  • Alyson’s workflow process for editing podcasts
  • How long should it take to edit a podcast?
  • Equipment recommendations for podcasters
  • Tips for better in-person recordings
  • and, The importance of adding silence into your podcasts

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