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Lauren Wrighton is a podcast strategist and producer who helps female business coaches launch and grow a podcast that makes an impact on their audience and their business. She also uses her expertise in podcast production to teach freelancers how to become podcast managers and develop their own clientele.

After starting a podcast with a friend in 2016...

Lauren realized  that her passion was in the strategy and behind  the scenes production rather than behind the microphone.

Her production values and marketing strategies allow her clients to concentrate on their content and connect with their audience while she develops a strategy to grow their audience and monetize their show.

Her clients have charted in the top 50 of their categories on Apple Podcasts and have seen launches that put them at #1 and on Apple’s New and Noteworthy list.

Lauren has appeared at numerous summits, spoken at Podfest, and at her alma mater, Purdue University, teaching students and faculty how to start a podcast.

Giving back is foundational to Lauren and therefore she gives 10% of her profits to Feeding America.

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Within 6 months of taking the Podcast Manager Program, I was booked out and working with clients I love!

I'm so thankful I took PMP! I have helped clients launch and manage their podcasts and I would have never been able to do it without Lauren’s course!