Success Story: Achieving work life balance through podcast management with Samantha Olivares

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Trapped in a cubicle in corporate America, scheduling her life around work, and dealing with Chicago winters; Samantha Olivares knew there had to be a better way. She was right.

In 2018, searching for freedom and flexibility, she started looking into her online work options. After taking a Virtual Assistant course, she landed her first client who happened to be a podcaster. Realizing that she needed a different skill set to make more money, Samantha enrolled in the Podcast Manager Program.

With a few years and six steady clients under her belt, Samantha joins me today to talk about her business and the work life balance she has been able to achieve.

Today on the show, Samantha and I discuss her love of travel and her desire to be able to work from anywhere. We chat about some of the limiting beliefs she held when she started her business and still battles to this day.

Samantha gives some great advice about how to re-frame the way you see your setbacks in order to learn from them. She also gives a great tip about acknowledging the value you provide to your clients when you’re questioning your rates.

Finally, no success story would be complete without discussing Podcast Manager growth strategies, attracting clients, and how to effectively structure your business so you can have work life balance.

Samantha Olivares is the CEO and founder of S&E Podcast Management. She specializes in helping coaches, course creators, and online entrepreneurs launch, manage and grow their shows so they can connect with their audiences and generate more leads for their businesses. She currently lives between Mexico and the United States with her husband and French bulldog, Romeo. She loves long walks at the beach, chai lattes, and a good HIIT cardio workout session.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • The role client referrals has played in Samantha’s business,
  • Discounts and gifts you can offer to clients as a referral thank you
  • The art of brainwashing yourself when it comes to failure
  • How Samantha manages her work life balance
  • The benefits of outsourcing Podcast Management tasks
  • Setting boundaries with your clients and yourself
  • Being confident in your rates and when to discuss them with the client
  • and, the freedom you gain by working online as a Podcast Manager

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