Avoid scope creep with your podcast clients

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Scope creep occurs when clients request additional tasks that fall outside the agreed-upon project scope, potentially leading to overwork and uncompensated efforts.

Clients may unknowingly contribute to scope creep by making requests outside the original project scope. For instance, they may ask for additional services such as creating quote graphics, pitching them as podcast guests, or demanding urgent attention without proper acknowledgment of the agreed-upon scope of work.

Today I’m sharing practical strategies on how to handle scope creep while maintaining healthy client relationships.

Here are 3 key takeaways you won’t want to miss:

Remind clients about the scope of work: Often, clients may unknowingly request tasks outside the agreed scope. It’s important to gently remind them about what is covered within the scope of the project to maintain clarity and boundaries.

Professional communication is key: Respond to client requests with professionalism and authority. Offer to put together a proposal or schedule a call, emphasizing that this is your standard process and will ultimately lead to smoother, more organized workflows.

Consider your pricing and boundaries: While it’s important to be accommodating to an extent, constantly adding tasks for free can lead to devaluing your services. Assess your pricing model and determine how to address additional requests – perhaps it’s time for an adjustment.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Reasons why scope creep is common among freelancers
  • Emphasis on the importance of setting boundaries and maintaining them
  • How to balance being nice and setting boundaries
  • Identifying and addressing client requests that may lead to scope creep
  • Tracking hours and evaluating service value to determine package adjustments
  • Exploring the gray area between scope creep and added value for clients

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