Avoiding scope creep with your podcast clients

Today we are talking about how to avoid scope creep with your podcast clients. I’m going to be covering five things you can do to avoid scope creep and how to handle it. It’s probably inevitable to happen, but if you can handle it professionally and in good taste, than it’s an easy thing to handle with your clients.

If you don’t know what scope creep is, it’s whenever your client adds tasks to your package without paying you for them. Basically, the scope of the project starts to grow, without your price changing or a new contract being signed.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • What scope creep looks like
  • How to handle scope creep when it happens
  • The mistake I made with a previous client and what I learned from that experience
  • Five ways to handle scope creep
  • Setting boundaries with your clients to avoid scope creep

Five ways to handle scope creep:

  1. Make sure your contract includes the exact tasks you’re responsible for
  2. Don’t assume that your clients doesn’t want to pay you for additional tasks
  3. Have your response ready, when a clients asks you to take on more responsibility
  4. Don’t be personally offended if your client decides not to go ahead with the additional package proposal
  5. Take all of these points into consideration, but don’t nickel and dime your clients

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