How to become a Profitable Podcast Manager (2) (1)

Free Masterclass

Learn how to become a Profitable Podcast Manager without working more than 20 hours per week in this free training!

Ready, Set, Clients!

Learn how to land High-Paying Podcast Clients in just 3 days with the Ready, Set, Clients mini-course!

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This program is designed for freelancers that love podcasts, want to up-level their skills, and niche down into podcast management. And don't worry, I walk you through each step in case you don't consider yourself tech-savvy! In addition to the skills you will learn in this course, a private Facebook Group and Hire Form for leads is included! By the end of this course, you will know how to start offering this service like a professional!

You'll learn

The Skills (how to Edit, Produce, Manage, and Launch a podcast!)

How to take the leap with little experience

How to land clients you love and that will meet your monthly income goal

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