Breaking through limiting beliefs as you start and grow your podcast management business with Lana Hernandez

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I have been receiving a lot requests to interview a mindset coach and today on the show, we really dive into a great conversion about limiting beliefs and the different mindset issues that come up when you’re a service provider or launching a service based business. Lana Hernandez is walking us through the most common limiting beliefs that pop up as we grow into becoming podcast managers and how to get past those limiting beliefs.

Lana Hernandez is a mindset and empowerment coach whose mission is to support her clients in navigating and pushing through their blocks so they feel worthy of having every single one of their dreams – and you can really feel that in this episode! Lana is a mentor, motivator, wife, and mama to 2 little girls with a heart for helping female entrepreneurs live out loud so that they can have what they want no matter what society, family, or industry expects of them.

Lana was a treat to interview and I’m excited to share this conversation with you. If you want to chat more about this topic, I would love to continue this conversation with you, over on Instagram!

In this episode about limiting beliefs, we cover:

  • A mindset shift to help you stop putting pressure on yourself to be perfect before you can make money
  • Showing up authentically and imperfectly for your ideal clients
  • Clarity is a false narrative – you gain clarity from doing the work
  • How to gain confidence before starting something new
  • How to gain the confidence to start calling yourself a podcast manager
  • Understanding that fear is totally normal and how to deal with it
  • Coaching yourself thorough the moment when you want to start something new, but you’re afraid of what others will say
  • Changing your mindset by recognizing what is fact vs fiction
  • Understanding that failure is actually just a way for you to learn
  • Why you should stop pricing for what your worth and start pricing for the value of the service that you provide
  • and, anticipating the “no” and being prepared that you’re never going to always hear “yes”

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