3 ways to use podcasting to build business connections with Sarah Penner

Today I’m talking with Sarah Penner about 3 powerful ways to network through podcasting to build business connections. Sarah runs the Podcast Collab Club and she connects podcast hosts with people who want to be a guest on their show. Today we go into details about the best way to be a guest on a show, how podcast managers can vet guests and powerful ways you can network and make connections with podcasts.

Having started an online business not too long ago, Sarah had joined multiple entrepreneurial FB groups for community and support. Soon, she began to notice a common trend in these groups of members either looking to be a guest on podcasts or podcasters looking for guests to interview on their podcast. Noticing this trend, she started thinking that it might be valuable to have a place that was exclusively designed for podcast collaborations. This led to her creating the Podcast Guest Collaboration Community which immediately exploded and hasn’t stopped growing since.

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In this episode about building business connections, we cover:

  • Sarah’s favourite way to network through podcasts and build business connections
  • How podcast managers can vet guests before welcoming them on their client’s guest list
  • Other ways of networking through podcasting
  • What people are looking for when it comes to choosing a podcast guest/host
  • and, the advantages and features of joining the Podcast Collab Club

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