Creating a plan for your success with Andrea Liebross

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I am so excited to introduce you to Andrea Leibross. Andrea and I are talking about creating an annual business plan so you can succeed this year. And when I say succeed, I mean reach the vision you have for yourself this year. And make a vision for next year, five years from now, and beyond. Andrea reverse engineers her process and gives us specific steps and tips on how to successfully create, implement, and achieve your vision for success in your business. We discuss setting priorities and quarterly focuses, the four pillars crucial to your success, finding the right person to discuss your plan with, how to identify issues that will arise, and so much more.

Andrea Liebross is a coach, speaker, podcast host, and soon to be published author who is known for helping bold, ambitious women make clear, confident decisions, so that they get exactly what they want, every time, and not just add another thing to their to-do list. Andrea’s signature process leads clients to find success on their OWN terms and ultimately joy and freedom in life and business. Over the last few decades, Andrea has started 3 successful businesses and ultimately became a certified business and life coach, all while raising two kids, now ages 21 and 18, and several giant puppies.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How Andrea got started working online
  • What is annual planning? Including 3 year plans, 10 year plans, and beyond
  • Making goals vs setting priorities when understanding your vision for your business
  • Understanding why goals and priorities need an element of risk
  • Setting quarterly ‘rocks’ or focuses to achieve your vision and recognizing potential roadblocks
  • Andrea’s four pillars crucial to your success
  • Tips on how to make annual planning feel less like a chore
  • Why your spouse/family member is not the best sounding board for vision planning and assessing cushion relationships vs pillar relationships
  • The two ingredients to the secret sauce of success
  • Figuring out what your roadblocks and problems are that are preventing you from reaching your vision
  • 3 Tips how to find a plan that is going to work for you as an individual and how to translate that plan into daily action
  • Making your plan a working document and identifying issues
  • and, 2 Reasons why you should create an annual business plan now

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