Creating a private podcast for your clients with Dr. Lindsay Padilla of Hello Audio

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As Podcast Managers, we are always on the lookout for new services we can offer our clients and different ways to make their experience better. With the recent introduction of private podcasts to the scene, our options to provide that higher level of service just expanded. I have Lindsay Padilla, the co-founder and CEO of Hello Audio on the show with me today. She talks about the main uses of Hello Audio and why it is such a powerful tool for course creators. We also discuss different ways to repurpose audio and the benefits of listening to content when you’re trying to learn something new.

Dr. Lindsay Padilla is a former sociology professor with a passion for education. Although she loved her job and was very successful at it, in 2016 Lindsay had a breakthrough moment that changed everything. She recognized that entrepreneurs need help teaching and she came up with a digital service that would help them share their knowledge and help their students complete their courses. Working with her husband Derek, Hello Audio‘s Head of Product, and another co-creator, they started the company in 2019 and launched in 2020. Her private podcast service makes it easy for creators of all kinds to provide their content to select or paying consumers.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • The production of educational content on Hello Audio
  • How Hello Audio can be used in Marketing and Lead Generation
  • Use of Hello Audio by private businesses
  • How private podcasts can be utilized for personal use
  • The different options for audio release scheduling
  • How listening to audio can boost students’ confidence
  • Why audio learning is great for busy people
  • and, why you should repurpose your content with private audio feeds

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