Danielle Desir on partnering with sponsors to create great content

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Today we are talking to Danielle Desir Corbett on sponsorships and how you can partner with sponsors to create great content. Danielle brings a completely different way to approach partnering with sponsors and talks about how she implements this into her two podcasts and is seeing great results. Whether or not your clients have asked you about sponsors, this episode will help you think about sponsorships in a different way. And help your clients decide if it’s the right approach to monetize their show.

Danielle Desir Corbett is a podcast marketing coach and host of the top-rated, 4x grant-funded, affordable luxury travel and personal finance podcast, The Thought Card. She is the founder of WOC Podcasters (Women of Color) and is passionate about removing barriers, improving access, and connecting Women of Color podcasting creatives and professionals to resources and opportunities that will empower their podcasting journey. She has been a guest on over 150 podcasts and is a sought-after speaker at popular podcasting conferences such as Podcast Movement, She Podcasts LIVE, Podfest, and more.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How Danielle got into the podcasting space and working online
  • The creation of WOC (Women of Color) Podcasters
  • How Danielle started adding monetization into her shows
  • Affiliate program models and combining small and large paying affiliate income
  • Using a podcast monetization coach to implement brand sponsors
  • What kind of podcasts can command sponsorship dollars
  • Looking for partnerships that create a Win-Win-Win scenario
  • Download numbers vs the focus of your show and your listenership
  • Finding the right brand partner by tracking listener analytics to narrow down who your listeners are
  • Asking potential partner brands questions to find the right fit for your clients’ podcasts
  • Using ideas and stories to approach brands
  • How to use rejection from brands to your benefit and building relationships and your portfolio
  • Crafting episodes together with brands and working long term with sponsors
  • Dedicating time for crafting pitch emails, and communicating with potential sponsors
  • Danielle’s plans for her current podcasts, publications, and a new podcast
  • and, Danielle’s top takeaways from the episode and the podcast media checklist

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