Design a rock solid podcast marketing strategy for your clients with Jeremy Enns

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If there is one question we love to get as podcast managers it is: How can I market my show? Today we are talking about just that with Jeremy Enns, a Podcast Marketing Strategist and Educator. We discuss his 4 essential pieces of a rock solid podcast marketing strategy EAR$: Exposure, Attraction, Retention, and Monetization. We discuss recognizing and finding the gaps in your current marketing strategy, and then how to move forward with a plan. We talk about the importance of getting paid for your work, displaying your unique personality to create audience loyalty, and concrete actions you can take to help your clients market their podcast.

Jeremy Enns is the CEO and founder of Counterweight Creative and Podcast Marketing Academy, a high-intensity, cohort-based course for creative mavericks looking to grow a raving base of brand evangelists. He has worked with dozens of brands, entrepreneurs, and creators helping them generate over 50 million podcast downloads and millions of dollars in revenue. He enjoys helping podcast grow and convert casual listeners into raving fans, clients, and customers.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Jeremy’s shift in focus from agency work to creator
  • The importance of getting paid for your work and the pros and cons of partnering with sponsors
  • The 4 essential pieces of a rock solid podcast marketing strategy: Exposure, Attraction, Retention, Monetization (EAR$)
  • Recognizing the gaps in your own marketing strategy
  • Creating content with the intent of reaching a new audience
  • Focusing on making connections and friends with other people in your niche to grow your podcast
  • The differences between Attraction and Exposure and picking your audience and niche
  • Attraction through cover art design, show description, and pitch
  • Creating personal resonance and loyalty from your audience vs information focused content
  • Setting up your podcast to make monetization easy
  • Following a marketing framework to diagnose your weaknesses then boost your audience and income
  • and, Jeremy’s upcoming free workshop Design Your Podcast Growth Engine

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