Designing your contract to work for you with Kailey Jacomet

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Today we get to talk to business attorney Kailey Jacomet about how to protect yourself legally as a podcast manager, specifically with contracts. I thought I knew quite a bit about contracts, but her insights blew my mind! We discuss common podcast manager contracts and things you may not have considered when putting a contract together, including cancellation notices, limitation of liability, copyright, and intellectual property. So listen to this episode and hear what Kailey has to say, because you might learn something new.

Kailey Jacomet is a business attorney and mom of two. In her law practice, Brand Law Boutique, she helps entrepreneurs protect their brands with trademark registration, and provides attorney-drafted contract templates for service providers in her shop, Contractista. When she’s not busy helping business owners protect their businesses legally, Kailey can almost always be found with her family.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Kailey’s journey from courtroom prosecutor to working online
  • The first steps to take to protect your podcast management business legally
  • Forming a Sole Proprietor, an LLC, or a Corporation as a podcast manager
  • How having a clear and concise contract can prevent problems
  • Setting boundaries for late client materials in your contract
  • The differences between Term Contracts vs Cancellation Notices
  • Who owns the rights to podcast materials and including copyright clauses in your contract
  • The peace of mind included in Limitation of Liability clauses
  • Kailey’s specific podcast manager contract template
  • and, Intellectual property and creating content that you have the rights to

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