Do FB groups still work to land clients in 2023?

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Do Facebook groups still work to land clients in 2023? Let’s talk about it. Facebook groups are all about community, and the best place to find your ideal client is in a community they participate in, whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, other social media, or in person. I discuss understanding your client’s business changes in the last few years, and how to find the right communities where your ideal client hangs out. I also share a real life Facebook group success story, and examples of some unique ideas to consider when searching for your ideal client.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Understanding ongoing changes in the podcast world and in your client’s businesses
  • A real life success story of landing clients using a FB group
  • Finding the communities where your ideal client gathers online
  • How does your ideal client find their freelancers?
  • Examples of how to search for your ideal client’s gathering places
  • and, Truly understanding your ideal clients in order to find them

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