FIRST CLIENT SERIES | 5 steps to land a client in 4 weeks

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Today’s episode is the first in a four part series on how to land your first client in four weeks. In this first installment we talk about the first five steps to land a client in four weeks. I share with you the skills you need to develop before landing a client, how to create a business presence online and in social media, and how to raise your perceived value for your services through a process and discovery calls. I also discuss gaining experience, getting testimonials, and why a little courage goes a long way. So, dive right in to this episode to start your journey to landing the best clients for you.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Your very first client vs your first “good’ client
  • The essential podcast management skills to develop before landing a client
  • Setting up your “storefront” of your online podcast management business
  • Developing a process to walk your clients through
  • Gaining experience and testimonials when you have none
  • and, Having a little courage to take the next step and develop confidence

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