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I’m so excited that today you get to hear from Courtney Elmer, the founder and CEO of The EffortLESS Life®, as well as a podcast host, and speaker. We are talking about how you can help your client create an amazing, addictive listener experience. There are so many great nuggets in today’s episode on how your client can connect with their listener and grow their show. Courtney shares her journey of finding her voice after a cancer diagnosis, and then helping others discover theirs too.

We discuss the role of human psychology in creating deeper connections with your clients and their listeners, finding your ideal listener, and increasing clicks and downloads. We also talk about how to use data and analytics to understand the listener and grow your client’s podcast, and how to title your podcasts to increase listener retention. Finally we discuss what do when your client, the host, is in a slump and how to help them reconnect with their vision of the show and re-connect with their listener.

Courtney Elmer is a sought-after consultant, host, and speaker. Drawing on her background in psychology and personal experience as a cancer survivor, Courtney empowers online business leaders to establish the systems, structure, and support they need to build self-sustaining businesses that thrive in a rapidly changing digital environment, expand their thought leadership through podcasting, and use their voice to catalyze positive change in the world. Courtney hosts the globally-ranked AntiFragile Entrepreneurship™ podcast and is a popular speaker on the topics of podcast marketing, business systems, and entrepreneurial antifragility.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Courtney’s journey from corporate, to cancer survivor, to entrepreneur and working online
  • The vital role a podcast producer has in helping others find their voice and release their message to the world
  • Understanding how human psychology influences behavior in order to drive results for your podcast management business
  • The importance of creating content that is relevant and meaningful to your listener
  • Tapping into your listener’s desires, problems, and motivations to create deeper connections and more downloads
  • How to find the Listen Consumption Rate to increase the connection with the audience
  • Looking at data, metrics, and analytics to understand what content is resonating with the audience long term and how to apply the data to grow your podcast
  • Problem vs solution based podcast titles, which performs better and increases listens from existing and new listeners
  • What to do when your client is in a rut
  • and, finding a balance between the data and what your client is passionate about in order propel the vision of the show forward

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