Helping your clients avoid Podfade

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Did you know that 75% of podcasts started are no longer in production? I read that stat and it absolutely blew my mind! That’s not good for your clients or for you as a Podcast Manager! Today I’m giving you 5 tips on avoiding “podfade”. I’m addressing the way you explain your podcast management packages and determine the client’s expectations. I also cover how you touch base with them, what you can do to improve work flow, and ways to prepare your client for busy times in their lives.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • What podfade is and how it happens
  • Choosing your clients wisely
  • Making things sound straightforward but not easy
  • How to know which podcast analytics to highlight for your client
  • When to regroup with your client
  • Suggestions you can make to improve communication
  • Tightening up your processes
  • Batch recording and why it’s amazing
  • Preparing for holidays and vacations
  • and, what you can do to elevate your podcast management services

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