Success story: How AdeOla Fadumiye pivoted into podcast management

If you’re thinking about pivoting into podcast management, you won’t want to miss this episode with AdeOla Fadumiye! AdeOla shares why she pivoted into podcast management, what her fears were before joining the Podcast Manager Program, and what she loves about her business today.

I love that AdeOla shares how she outsources her editing so she can focus on the pieces of podcast management that she loves.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Why AdeOla pivoted into podcast management,
  • What her fears were before joining the Podcast Manager Program, and
  • What she loves about her business today

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More about AdeOla Fadumiye:

AdeOla Fadumiye is the owner of Crys & Tiana; a podcast management and support company. She is an online business manager with a special emphasis on podcast management. She has more than a decade experience in project and event management working with non-profit, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. She is solution-oriented, forward-thinking and strategic.

She moonlights as a writer and editor. She writes at the intersection of faith, feminism, and entrepreneurship, and edits multicultural and Christian fiction. Her work has appeared in Radiant Health, Big Cartel and mater mea.

She earned her Bachelors of Science in Mass Communication (Public Relations and Communication Studies) from Winona State University, and her Master in Public Health from George Washington University. She is a 2017 StartingBloc Fellow and a 2017 alumni of the THREAD at Yale: Storytelling in Modern Media program. She lives in the Washington DC metro area.

More about The Podcast Manager Show:

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