How I landed my first 7 podcast clients

In today’s episode, I am walking you through how I landed my first 7 podcast clients. I will be sharing with you pros and cons of working with each of those clients, how I landed them, what I liked about working with those clients, and how long it lasted. I also share details that might help you figure out what this process might look like for you and help you learn from my mistakes. Lord knows I made many mistakes!

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In this episode about how I landed my first 7 podcast clients, we cover:

  • How I went from being a fitness instructor to podcast editor
  • Landing my first podcast client and struggles that went along with it
  • Starting out as a VA (Virtual Assistant) and what I learned along the way
  • Discovering podcast management and how I chose my niche
  • Landing clients as a podcast manager and building my business
  • Creating my course, The Podcast Manager Jumpstart program
  • and, my experience of growing with my podcast clients and raising my prices

Resources and links mentioned in this episode:

  • Join my LIVE MASTERCLASS on February 24th, 2021 – How to Become a Profitable Podcast Manger while working 20 hrs/week! (If you miss the LIVE training, email: and I’ll send you the replay!)
  • Are you ready to become a PROFITABLE podcast manager?! Check out my masterclass on how to become a profitable podcast manager without working more than 20 hours per week!
  • Join the Podcast Manager Mastermind fb group to connect with other podcast managers

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