How to avoid common problems with new clients

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Today we are talking about how to avoid common problems with new clients. Whether you have many clients on your roster, or you’re looking for your first client, this episode will be really helpful for you in avoiding some common issues that we see come up. Having problems with clients is just part of working with people, whether you’re working from home or the office. So, today I will cover three common problems when working with a brand new client on a launch, and three other problems you may face when you’re working with management clients. I talk about keeping clients on track with due dates, giving difficult feedback, strategizing, and being clear and direct with your clients.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Keeping launch clients on track and setting specific launch and due dates
  • What to do when a client wants to move their podcast launch date
  • Being specific on what is included in your launch package, and what is only under advisement
  • Understanding your clients’ desired goals, ROI, and what they perceive as success
  • Turnaround times and how to get your client to get their materials to you by the deadline
  • Why being direct and clear with your clients benefits you and your client
  • Telling clients difficult feedback and how to help them grow
  • and, Strategizing with long-term clients when they reach 200+ episodes

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