How to avoid the feast or famine mindset as a podcast manager

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One thing that’s really important to talk about as freelancers, is how to avoid the feast or famine mindset. Many people believe freelancing is more of a side hustle where you are landing one-off jobs and then constantly having to look for new work. But, we can’t make a living from freelancing if we are not setting our business up in a way that allows us to bring in a consistent income, month to month, and avoid the highs and lows from client turnover.

This is why I love podcast management! When a host decides to start a podcast, they are in it for the long game. And when they are hiring a podcast manager, they have the same mindset. They are looking for a long term relationship. As freelancers, we want consistent working hours and a consistent income that we can rely on. So that’s what we’re going to talk about today!

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In this episode about feast or famine mindset, we cover:

  • Tools to help you build long-term relationships with potential clients which help you avoid the feast or famine mindset
  • The reasons why podcast management has built in job security
  • How to know when it’s the right time to let go of a client
  • Making sure you’re attracting clients for the long-haul and maintaining a long-term relationship
  • How to speak with potential clients to set the tone as though you’ll be working with them for a long time
  • Supporting your client by finding opportunities of growth that will help grow their show
  • and, looking for opportunities for you to grow your role with current clients

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