How to design podcast graphics that actually get people to listen with Lauren Felter

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Today we are talking to Lauren Felter about designing podcast graphics that actually get people to listen. She teaches how we can think about design so that it attracts people to our clients’ podcasts so we can help our clients grow their shows. Her tips and techniques are geared specifically towards non-designers, like podcast managers. We talk about grabbing attention with headlines, creating cover-art, and re-branding vs brand evolving. She also shares with us some common mistakes when designing graphics, making audiograms pop, and how to create an cohesive and consistent brand for your client across all platforms.

Lauren Felter is a designer, and educator who previously taught design at a university. After following the path to traditional success but only finding intense burnout and an identity crisis at the top, she blew it all up in January 2020 to do it her own way. She turned her highly-sought-after university design course into one specifically for non-designers who find designing an inevitable part of their regular to-do list. She prides herself on a no-shame, no-shade approach to her web design, branding, and design education.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How Lauren got started working online
  • Why podcast graphics are still relevant
  • Tips on creating attention grabbing graphics and using Instagram carousels
  • Pros and cons of using time-saving templates when creating social media graphics
  • Common mistakes beginner or non-designers make when creating graphics
  • Dos and Don’ts of inserting photos of clients or guests into your graphics
  • Design decisions and sizing when creating cover art
  • How often we should be updating our personal branding and how brands evolve
  • The worst thing you can do when creating a graphic, and how to avoid it
  • Designing graphics to accompany audiograms or audio clips and utilizing captions
  • One thing that everyone can do to have your branding be taken more seriously and the rulebook for cohesive branding

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