How to effectively promote your client’s weekly episodes on social media with Krystal Charles

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Are your clients asking you to help them promote their podcast show on social media but you’re not sure what the best strategies are?

Krystal Charles is MY social media manager and today we are talking about how to effectively promote your client’s weekly episodes on Instagram and Facebook. Krystal’s love for social media makes her a really great resource and we will also be diving deep into what is working (and not working) on social media right now – specifically when promoting podcast episodes. As a podcast manager, your clients will often come to you and ask for advice on how to best promote their podcast. For those of you who are managing your client’s social media graphics or strategy – this is a must listen episode!

Krystal Charles is the founder of Krystal & Co. Creative, a boutique social media agency. She helps small businesses up-level their social media through authenticity and proven social media strategies and trends. She has over 10+ years of corporate marketing knowledge and has a huge passion for helping others. She is also a mom of 3 littles and a lover of all things coffee.

If you want to chat more, I would love to continue this conversation with you, over on Instagram!

In this episode about promoting on social media, we cover:

  • The most important things to do when you promote your client’s podcast episodes
  • Why focusing on quality episode content should be a major part of your social media strategy
  • Staying relevant and making sure your ideal clients are finding your content
  • How to encourage listeners to engage and have conversations with you on Instagram
  • Collecting constructive feedback from listeners to use as market research
  • Why asking the right questions should be your #1 focus
  • Tailoring your captions to catch the attention of your ideal client
  • Telling your listener what to do and including power words in your captions
  • How to repurpose your clients podcast episode in 4-5 different ways
  • Using hashtags to find your ideal client when you promote your clients podcast episodes
  • How to have intentional conversations and responses on social media posts
  • and, much much MORE!

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