How to ensure profit in your podcast management business with Amber Dugger

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Today we’re joined by the incredible Amber Dugger, who’s spearheading the “profit for joy movement” and invites you to join her in revolutionizing the way we manage business finances with the Profit First mindset.

We talk about the practice of managing money with intention across four main purposes: intentional profit, owner’s pay, taxes, and business overhead.

Amber Dugger shares her wisdom on reverse engineering a revenue goal that genuinely aligns with your personal priorities and creating a modern envelope system — saying goodbye to consumer debt and embracing mindful spending.

We also explore the delicate dance of feminine and masculine energy in business and how integrating these can enhance our financial strategies.

Are you ready to separate your self-worth from your net worth and authentically attract your ideal clients? Do you wonder about the roles of bookkeeping and accounting in your cash flow planning? Prepare to get real about your perceptions of money and how to make intentional spending plans that resonate with your values to ensure profit in your podcast management business.

Amber Dugger is the founder of Profit for Keeps®, host of Profit for Joy® TV, International speaker, and the CEO of Amber Dugger Coaching. Amber helps entrepreneurs around the world become permanently profitable which results in significant increases in both personal and business net worth with a system and strategy that is simple and takes less than 10 minutes a day.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • The significance of separating business income into intentional profit, owner’s pay, personal taxes, and business overhead
  • Implementing reverse engineered revenue goals to align with personal financial needs
  • Importance of consistent profit in supporting lifestyle and enjoyment for freelancers and entrepreneurs
  • Using budgets to make informed decisions and prioritize expenses based on values
  • Balancing personal and business finances with tools like YNAB and adopting a profit first approach
  • The power of showing up authentically in business to attract the right clients
  • Being upfront in marketing about your business personality and the type of clients you wish to work with
  • and, The benefits of using the envelope system for budgeting and spending within business and personal finance

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