How to go from hourly to package pricing as a podcast manager

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A question I get from a lot of students in the Podcast Manager Program is, “How do I move my clients from hourly to package pricing and increase my rate?” In today’s episode I share with you why it’s smart to shift your clients into package pricing (most of the time) and why it’s a benefit to your client. I discuss the pros and cons of hourly pricing and when it is valuable, for you and your client, to move into a package plan. I also talk about the pros of package pricing including consistency in planning and pricing, reserved time for your client, and allowing the client to focus on the final product. Finally I outline an example email to send your client when making the switch.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • The Pros of hourly pricing and when to charge an hourly rate
  • How to structure an hourly pricing plan for your client
  • How to communicate to your client the move from hourly to package pricing
  • The Pros of package pricing
  • Encouraging client consistency and trust in your services and abilities
  • Making your client a priority by reserving time with a package
  • Getting your client onboard with the switch to a package with email example
  • Avoiding undercharging when pricing out your packages

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