How to handle being overbooked

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Today we are diving into one of your questions. I got an excellent question about the fear of success and how to avoid sabotaging yourself from growth because you are fearful about being overbooked. Today we are going to talk about some great options on how to handle being overbooked. We also discuss what you can to do before you become overbooked so you can be ready for when the clients start flowing. If you’re not at this point in your business yet, don’t worry. It’s helpful to plan ahead and it’s just a matter of time before the clients start rushing in.

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In this episode we cover:

  • Comfort level vs limits for number of clients and workload
  • Referring potential clients to other podcast managers
  • Creating a waitlist of incoming clients when you’re feeling booked out
  • Outsourcing your work and starting an podcast management agency
  • Establishing one-time offers for new management clients
  • Creating a digital product for potential new clients instead of taking them on full time
  • and, Focusing on where you are right now in your business

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