How to identify and utilize your unique strengths as a podcast manager with Katya Nicholas

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Do you know what your unique strengths are? Are you powerfully persuasive or a natural networker? Perhaps you’re exceedingly empathetic? Today on the show I speak with Katya Nicholas, a certified CliftonStrengths coach, and we discuss different ways to capitalize on your unique strengths and find satisfaction and joy in your work. I myself have taken the assessment and we touch on a few of my results and how they translate to Podcast Management. Katya also shares with us how she uses her own Zones of Genius in her work as a coach and photographer, and how she has utilized her strengths to build trust with her clients.

If you’ve ever been excellent at something; had great feedback, amazing results, but always felt like something was missing, then this episode is for you. Katya explains the different Zones and their characteristics, as well as the professional benefits of playing more to your strengths and doing the things that you find energizing. Today we also talk about one of the major lessons we all learned as kids: “nothing good comes easy”, and how it may be more fiction than fact.

Katya Nicholas is your Brilliance Strategist, based in New York City. As a certified CliftonStrengths coach she will equip you with a strategy on how to get to and stay in your Zone of Genius and as a portrait photographer she will help you look authentically yourself in photos. Katya’s mission in life is to ensure every womxn stands firmly in her brilliance and develops an unshakeable belief in herself.

Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, Katya has lived, studied, and worked in four countries. Her love for learning made her try on about eight different professions. Now that she knows what it feels like to be able to re-generate energy by doing the things that she absolutely loves doing, Katya makes sure everyone else claims their own Zone of Genius.

If you want to chat more about limiting beliefs, I would love to continue this conversation with you, over on Instagram!

In this episode about unique strengths, we cover:

  • How understanding what your unique strengths and talents can lead you to success in a career you enjoy
  • The positive psychology behind the CliftonStrengths assessment
  • The difference between the Zone of Genius and the Zone of Excellence and how easy it is to get stuck in the Zone of Excellence
  • and, how to pivot your business to be more in line with your Zone of Genius

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