How to support a podcaster for 5+ years with Katie Hake

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Let’s be honest. Hosting a podcast changes year, over year, over year. Today I discuss with Katie Hake (a Fitness Professional, my former podcast co-host and BFF) how you, as a podcast manager, can support a podcaster for five plus years. Katie shares from a podcasters perspective what it’s like to host a show for over five years, and how she and her podcast manager work together to keep the show alive through the many ebbs and flows and seasons of long-term podcasting. We also discuss how evolving as a person affects your show, shifting ROI perspectives, and how working with a podcast manager can makes Katie a better podcaster.

Katie Hake is a Non-Diet Dietitian and Fitness Professional with a passion for helping women to stop dieting and start living. She works with women to eliminate the rigid, all-or-nothing mindset and replace it with one that celebrates life’s small wins to let them grow. Through both nutrition and fitness coaching, she empowers women to become the expert of their own bodies. Katie’s podcast, Fit Friends Happy Hour, has been inspiring women for over five years.

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In this episode we cover:

  • How Katie got started in podcasting
  • How evolving as a person changes your podcast content
  • Why Katie chose podcasting as a platform for her message
  • Changes and seasons in workflow processes
  • How a podcast manager makes Katie her a better podcaster
  • Shifting ROI perspectives after years of podcasting
  • and, Katie’s tips on the power of podcasting for new podcasters

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