How to use your podcast to create engaging Idea Pins for Pinterest with Emilee Vales

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If you think Pinterest is all about crafting, decorating and other inspirational content, you might not think it’s the right place for podcast content. My guest today is here to tell you why neglecting this platform may be a lost opportunity for your clients! Emilee Vales is a Pinterest Marketing and Ads Strategist, and has some great advice on how to re-purpose podcast content to capture a whole new market. She talks about how to expand your following by creating nurturing and informative pins related to your episodes. Emilee also explains the best ways to tailor your information to the platform and results she’s gotten for her clients.

Pinterest (like everything really) is Always changing! Just in the last year, they introduced Idea Pins to the platform. Emilee, being the amazing Strategist she is, has learned the best ways to use Idea Pins and shares that info with us today! She explains what the new format looks like and how to create engaging pins that will hook a reader’s attention. She also tells us what you need for a balanced Pinterest strategy and how Pinterest followers can turn into podcast listeners.

Former teacher turned Pinterest Marketing and Ads Strategist, Emilee thrives off of diving into her clients data and analytics to create personalized strategies that will ultimately turn their traffic into profit! When she’s not obsessing over how she can take her clients further with their marketing strategies, she’s chasing around two sweet little girls or spending time with her husband. After feeling called to be at home with her kids and leaving the teaching world, she can finally say she’s living the work at home mom life that she thought was only in her dreams.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How Emilee Vales got her start online
  • Why podcast managers and podcasters should use Idea Pins for Pinterest
  • Repurposing podcast content into blog content
  • What types of podcasters will benefit from Pinterest
  • How the new Idea Pins are different from the Standard Pin
  • What engagement on your Pins will do for you
  • How to create a great Idea Pin for Pinterest
  • and, why you need to optimize your content for the platform you’re on

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