How we can help our clients grow their unique or niched shows with Jeremy Enns

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More podcast listeners equal happy podcast clients, right? Right… but there’s more to it than that. Today I’m talking to Jeremy Enns, a specialist in podcast marketing. Jeremy shares his wealth of experience with me as we discuss how to grow our clients’ niched shows and help them achieve their end goals. He provides valuable networking strategies and great tips on how to build useful daily marketing habits. We talk about how podcasts have changed over the last few years and what that content saturation means for our clients. We also touch on the best use of different social media platforms, where to go to find niched communities, and how podcasters can meaningfully engage with potential listeners.

In addition to being the CEO of the podcast strategy and production company Counterweight Creative, Jeremy Enns also runs the Podcast Marketing Academy. The Academy was created after Jeremy spent a lot of time and effort trying to figure out why some podcasts are successful and others aren’t. He has geared this course towards podcasters that have hit a plateau with their shows’ growth. Jeremy teaches foundational topics and provides students with fundamental questions to help them identify where they can improve their podcasts.

Jeremy Enns is the CEO of podcast marketing agency Counterweight Creative and creator of Podcast Marketing Academy, a high-intensity, cohort-based course for creative mavericks looking to grow a raving base of brand evangelists.

He’s spent the past 5 years travelling full time, once bicycled across Europe, and will always look back on the day he finally saved up enough money to buy the Millennium Falcon Lego set as one of his proudest achievements.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How niching down can help your client attract listeners
  • The difference between a Podcast Manager and a Producer
  • Consistently doing the simple “boring” things that will grow your show
  • Why podcasts aren’t the exposure tool they used to be
  • Turning casual podcast listeners into Superfans
  • How Marketing and Promotion are different
  • Providing value to your clients’ listeners outside of the podcast
  • The magic of word of mouth referrals
  • and, how to work around platform switching hesitancy to encourage follower growth

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