Implementing a human-first sales approach to land clients as a podcast manager with Vadrine Boullé

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Talking about money and pitching sales makes some people uncomfortable, but it’s a necessary step in landing clients and growing your business. Today I talk with entrepreneur and founder of Find My VA Matchmaking Programme, Vadrine Boullé (aka Vadz), about changing your mindset around money, marketing, and sales. She shares with us the benefits of the Human-First Sales approach and how to build relationships with prospective clients before pitching your services. Finally, we discuss multi-platform marketing and the steps you can take to build your brand and reach your income goals.

Vadrine Boullé is a Seychelloise entrepreneur, business coach, and business support expert. She offers coaching and mentorship for women seeking to start and grow their virtual support businesses and also supports business owners in various industries to expand their impact through finding and hiring virtual team members. Her mission is to continue to impact a generation of empowered, fulfilled and inspired business owners who not only dare to chase their dreams, but have access to the knowledge and support to do so.

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In this episode we cover:

  • How Vadrine got started in the online world
  • Seeing failures in your goals as a path of growth and progress
  • Why talking about sales is important
  • Changing your money mindset to talk about sales and marketing
  • The nuances of “charging your worth”
  • The Human-First sales approach
  • Being genuine in your sales outreach
  • The goal of multi-platform marketing
  • The first step in starting your multi-platform marketing strategy
  • and, avoiding limiting thoughts when starting out

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