Is there room for new podcast managers?

Have you been wondering if there is room for new podcast managers? The answer is YES! Current podcast managers who are thriving are now taking opportunities to do other things in podcasting, so THEIR positions are opening up for YOU. Tune in today, as I share with you 4 different ways you can scale your podcast management business, through VIP days, group coaching programs, and more!

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In this episode about new podcast managers, we cover:

  • Are there enough clients for new podcast managers?
  • Limiting beliefs many podcast managers experience
  • Group coaching programs – How to work with launch clients in a group format
  • VIP Days – How to work with clients and provide a big transformation in a single day
  • Scaling into an agency model – Where you step back and hire people on your team to take over some of the podcast management tasks for you
  • How to land bigger jobs as a podcast producer
  • and, leveraging other opportunities through your experience as a podcast manager

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With over 90k new podcasts started each month, podcast managers are desperately in need! In the first podcast DESIGNED for podcast managers, your host, Lauren Wrighton, will be sharing exactly how to build a profitable podcast management business without working more than 20 hours a week!

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