My client gets 200 downloads, is that good? How to measure success as a podcaster and podcast manager

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If you or your podcast client have gotten into the habit of judging your show by the download numbers, Stop! Today I’m talking about different metrics you can use to measure the success of your podcast. I also discuss why you need more than one statistic to get an accurate read on the growth and impact of your show. If you’re used to seeing huge post followings, I cover how podcasting and social media engagement is different any why you shouldn’t compare those apples to oranges. Finally, I talk about some of the by-products of podcasting, like speaking practice and authority building, and how to track those successes for your podcaster.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Why you need to stop getting hung up on the downloads
  • What the average number of downloads is per podcast episode
  • Active listening vs. passive clicking
  • Using Facebook Ad analytics to gauge audience response to different topics
  • Talking to your client about their goals
  • Working on podcasts with no Joy
  • Ways to measure and encourage listener engagement
  • Red and Green flags for a podcast
  • and, two numbers you SHOULD be tracking for your client

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