Nedra Rezinas on marketing yourself outside of social media

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Marketing your business online doesn’t have to be all about social media posts, reels, and followers. Today I’m chatting with Nedra Rezinas, a market strategist who works with service-based entrepreneurs, about how to market yourself outside of social media. We discuss email lists, text messaging, phone calls, and handwritten notes. We also talk about why it’s important to build relationships and not worry so much about the ‘numbers.’ Finally we talk about strategies to use if you have limited time to devote to marketing.

Nedra Rezinas is a marketing strategist with over twenty years experience with marketing and online business. Her experience includes building custom marketing strategies to make marketing easier, more effective, and more outsource-friendly, which of course we are all about. With her roots in web design, Nedra naturally expanded into marketing when clients asked, “I’ve got my website, what’s next?”

Nedra’s expertise includes building custom marketing strategies that make marketing easier, more effective and more outsource-friendly. She also help coach and train business owners on how to find and hire freelancers they can trust to do their work professionally and accountably. Clients describe Nedra as easy to work with, attentive to the individual needs of their business, and skilled at developing strategies that free up time and bring in clients.

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In this episode we cover:

  • Nedra’s roots in web design and how she made her start in marketing
  • Options outside of social media to market yourself
  • The benefits of email marketing
  • Being transparent in what marketing tools you use
  • Is your online engagement leading to sales, or just a time suck?
  • Having real conversations with past clients and referral partners
  • Sending handwritten notes to connect with people
  • Collaborating with other service providers, not in competition with them
  • How to engage in marketing when you have limited time

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