Neill Williams on becoming an “unbusy” podcast manager

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“If I only had more time…” Does that sentiment sound familiar? I’m sure we’ve all said it, thought it, or felt it. Neill Williams joins me on the show today to talk about how we can be more efficient with our work time to make more room in our lives for leisure and personal fulfillment. Neil shares some interesting facts about human psychology and brain function when it comes to the perception of time and mental habits. She also discusses the importance of scheduling and setting realistic goals for ourselves, as well as how to stick to the plans we make!

Neill Williams went from working crazy 60 hour work weeks in a corporate environment to cutting that time in half and still producing the same results. When it comes to scheduling and efficiency, she is an expert. Neill is a certified life and productivity coach, the host of the Unbusy Your Life Podcast, and the creator of several courses on time management. Rather than the traditional working model of trading time for money, she believes that product and result-driven valuations are the way of the future. Neill now works a 30 hour work week teaching entrepreneurs and corporate executives how to “unbusy” their lives.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Societal pressure to work and achieve MORE
  • Time at work vs. time spent actually working
  • Making decisions efficiently and workload organization
  • When and how to create a personal schedule
  • How to stay accountable to your schedule
  • Tips on how to complete tasks you don’t “feel” like doing
  • Procrastination Debt: what it is and how to eliminate it
  • Strategies for setting realistic goals
  • How to schedule for creativity
  • and, using podcast task time estimates as a selling point with clients

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