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As a podcast manager, optimizing your podcast SEO and writing SEO friendly show notes is a really valuable skill to develop.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the fine art of strategically using key words in your written content to ensure your content shows up in search engines. Seems like a pretty important thing to know when you’re producing or managing a podcast doesn’t it? Luckily, there are experts out there like my guest, Danielle Gagnon, who specialize in content strategy and SEO. She has some great advice for us today on repurposing episodes into spin-off content. How to optimize your podcast SEO through show notes on your website. And how to come up with ideas for new shows by doing keyword research. She also talks about the future of podcast SEO and optimization strategies for different search platforms.

Danielle Gagnon is a search engine optimization specialist and lover of all things content creation. After years of working as a journalist and then marketing manager, Danielle started her own business in 2018. Today, she helps female entrepreneurs grow their business organically – and massively – through SEO and content marketing. She is the creator of the Content Cash Machine Bootcamp, a 5-day mini course that teaches small business owners highly actionable SEO basics.

Danielle’s podcast, the Content Cash Machine Podcast, is an extension of her one-on-one client work, connecting her audience with the best experts and top tips to level-up their marketing and use their content to grow their audience, get more leads and make more money.

Danielle is a mom of two young kids, is married to her high school sweetheart and is passionate about eating awesome food, spending time outdoors and learning new things.

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In this episode about podcast SEO, we cover:

  • How to improve your podcast SEO by understanding how Google searches work
  • Optimizing your podcast SEO through titles, episode discriptions and show notes
  • How to use keyword research to find the words and phrases that your listeners are already using
  • How to create content by answering the questions that your ideal clients are commonly searching for
  • The art of spin-off content via posts on social media, blog-style show notes, and capitalizing on the theme of your primary content
  • and, how to create effective variations for keywords you’re trying to rank for while avoiding repetition

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