Become a Profitable Podcast Manager

THIS is the course you’ve been looking for!

Become a Profitable Podcast Manager

THIS is the course you’ve been looking for!

Uplevel your skills and learn what it takes to edit, produce, manage, and launch a podcast for clients!

Podcast lovers, did you know podcasters are actively looking for help with their shows?

In 2020 the number of podcasts DOUBLED from 850k to 1.7 million! These show need help with editing, producing, managing, and launching their show… they need help from freelancers like YOU.

Are you a freelancer that hasn’t found their niche yet?

Does the idea of working on a podcast sound kind of like a dream come true?


That was Megan before she purchased the Podcast Manager Program™! 

"I got my first podcast client 2 weeks after I purchased the course!"

I can help you become a profitable podcast manager

In 2016 I started a podcast with a friend, knowing nothing about podcasting! Even though there was a big learning curve, it didn’t take long for me to realize how much I loved the behind the scenes work! Since then, I have worked on over 10 shows as a podcast manager and strategist! My clients have hit #1 in business, been on New and Noteworthy, and are ranked top 100 in their categories on Apple Podcasts. Now in the Podcast Manage Program, I teach you the skills you need to become a profitable podcast manager, how to gain experience, and then land clients you love!

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What's Included:

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Learn the Skills

You'll learn:

How to launch a podcast

How to edit and produce a podcast episode

How to upload and schedule an episode on Libsyn

How to help your client manage their show through Trello or another project management tool

How to book and manage podcast guests

How to write show notes for your client's website

How to promote an episode using social media and more

How to read and analyze podcast stats

PLUS, get feedback on your work through the Certificate of Completion process

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Set Up Your Systems

You'll learn:

Determining your ideal client

How to create a portfolio and package your services

Networking to find clients you'll love

Writing proposals and pricing with confidence

Sending contracts and getting paid

How to seamlessly onboard podcast clients

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Launch Your Business

You'll learn how to hit your monthly income goal and:

How to get experience and feedback from clients

How to price your services for your first monthly client and first podcast launch

Income projection mapping and raising your prices over time

Proven principles of success for hitting your monthly income goal!

plus bonuses!

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Bonus #1

On-going support through a private Facebook Community

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Bonus #2

On-going support through weekly Coaching Calls

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Bonus #3

Leads through our hire form (

Don’t get stuck trying to learn these skills on your own!

Jumpstart your Podcast Management business by joining  the Podcast Manager Program™!


That’s what Krissy did!

"I love that Lauren breaks it down and makes it simple!"



The course gave me the confidence I needed to speak to my ideal client's needs and how to solve those needs.

The course answered all my questions on how to edit episodes, add music, upload to Libsyn. The course provided me with the tools I needed to feel confident in speaking about what I do and how I support podcasters. I reference this course regularly for answers to my questions. It is a tremendous resource.

I can’t believe all that I’ve learned from the PMP (editing, production, writing show notes, etc.) and have been able to turn it into such a cool gig!!

I’ve transitioned my business to podcast management and am currently supporting 3 podcast clients-my goal is to get to 4-5, and I am almost there!

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-Emily Gonzalez

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-Justine Dolores

I've landed management clients that have invested over $1k in my services per month (something I never thought people would pay me for!)

Investing in your PMP, I not only got the skills I needed but you showed me how to build a profitable + sustainable business. I've been running my biz for about a year & a half now & have hired an editor + copywriter for my team. I'm working to build it to a small boutique agency

I work roughly 15 hours a week and consistently make over $5k each month.

The Podcast Manager Program has allowed me to be confident in the services that I offer as a podcast manager. I’m grateful to have a business that I enjoy, clients that I love, and to be able to freely work around my son’s schedule.

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-Brittany Kues

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What's Included:

PHASE 1: Learn the Skills

PHASE 2: Set Up Your Systems

PHASE 3: Launch Your Business

BONUS 1: Facebook Community (Value $600)

BONUS 2: Weekly Coaching Calls (Value $550)

BONUS 3: Job Leads (Value $450)

Total Value: $2,997

Today's Price: $797

Frequently Asked Questions

I really enjoyed the course! It has helped me feel so much more confident in being able to offer my services as a Podcast Manager.

It was comprehensive without being overwhelming, and it covers everything you need to get started as a podcast manager. The live and recorded Q&A/coaching calls were so valuable and gave me a chance to see how to apply what I was learning in a “real life” situation. And the Facebook group associated with the course is one of the best things about it! The level of post-course support is the best I've come across from a training so far. I really appreciate the time Lauren takes to answer individual questions, keep us up-to-date with the latest developments in the podcasting world, and to refer relevant client opportunities!

-Sarah Hanstock

This course totally exceeded my expectations! I thought I was just going to learn how to edit a podcast episode, but Lauren walks you through getting clients, setting up a portfolio, and setting up packages and pricing.

This was more than I thought I was going to get and I'm glad I got it! I also LOVE how Lauren explains everything! She goes into detail about why she is doing something, what she is hearing, and how she can make it better. Another AMAZING bonus to the course is the community. The group is so helpful with figuring out tech issues, pricing questions, communication questions, and really anything. And best of all, I’ve landed two clients because of this course and have a few more waiting to onboard!

-Ashley Green

I loved the depth and clarity of information provided in Lauren's course! I was able to watch and it start editing a podcast literally the next day and I landed two clients!

I love being able to get ongoing support in the group. The information provided went way beyond the tech aspects of a podcast and encompassed all the areas I need to be able to offer this as a service including packages and a Trello board. I made more than what I paid for the course in the first 24 hours!

-Julie Calcote

She’s so helpful and covers so many topics beyond editing. Seeing behind the scenes of her business, especially information about landing clients, has changed the way I think about my own business.

I’m a musician with plenty of knowledge about sound and editing software but no knowledge of the business side of podcasts. I love that Lauren tells it ALL in her Podcast Manager Jumpstart Course!  I ended up landing some video clients with a heavy emphasis on audio, which wouldn’t have happened without this course!

-Kimberly Workmeister

Thanks to her step-by-step tutorials, now I know how to do everything related to podcasting!

Before taking Lauren’s Podcast Manager Jumpstart Course I had no idea about all of the factors that go into Podcast editing and managing. It’s great that Lauren answers questions in the Facebook group and I have loved her ideas about building packages with helpful services beyond only editing. Awesome job, Lauren!!

- Courtney Ibinger

This course was awesome! I fully expected to learn only the basics of editing, but Lauren covers so much more than that!

I learned about pricing, landing clients, audio graphics, Trello boards, and more. Lauren covered everything I needed to know in-depth and I’m now using what I learned in my discovery calls and when networking. I really appreciate that Lauren is available to answer questions as they come up.

-Charli Parker

Ready to Get Started?

The Podcast Manager Program teaches you everything you to learn to edit, produce, manage and launch a podcast for clients!

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What's Included:

PHASE 1: Learn the Skills

PHASE 2: Set Up Your Systems

PHASE 3: Launch Your Business

BONUS 1: Facebook Community (Value $600)

BONUS 2: Weekly Coaching Calls (Value $550)

BONUS 3: Job Leads (Value $450)

Total Value: $2,997

Today's Price: $797