Podcast pitching insights in 2024 with Angie Trueblood

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Ever wondered what really goes on with podcast promo swaps or why some hosts charge guests to appear on their shows? Oh, and there’s a juicy bit about a new trend swapping PDFs for digital one-sheets – trust me, it’s a game changer for podcast pitching!

And get this – Angie Trueblood, a master of podcast pitching, spills the beans on the real deal behind booking awesome guest slots and managing podcast pitches. And if you think that’s all, wait until you hear her take on the ethics of pay-to-play in podcasting, complete with a crash course on FTC regulations that could save you from a legal mess.

Curious about making real connections in the podcast world without falling into the transactional trap? Angie has some clever strategies that go way beyond the typical guest swaps. No more random collabs that don’t make sense; it’s all about strategic moves that actually benefit your show.

In this episode, you’ll discover why just pitching to one show a month might not cut it and how Angie advises to seal the deal with impactful quarterly pitching plans.

Whether you’re a podcast pro or just podcast-curious, this episode is packed with insights that’ll make you rethink how you listen to or manage podcasts.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • What podcast pitching is all about: opportunities for your host to be a guest elsewhere, versus finding guests for your own show
  • Promo swaps: Angie discusses the importance and her cautious approach to promo swaps
  • The trend of podcasts charging for guest spots and why keeping things transparent matters
  • Moving on from old-school PDFs to sleek digital one-sheets
  • Focusing on juicy topics over generic intros to catch a host’s interest
  • and, Clever moves to get noticed by the big-name shows

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About Angie:

Angie Trueblood brings her entrepreneurial spirit, innovative thinking, and super connector powers to The Podwize Group as they support business owners who are using podcast interviews as a core tenet of their business growth. As a life-long learner and someone who has experienced first-hand the impact podcasts can have on a business, Angie is quick to lean on the strengths of her teammates and network as she leads the company with her collaborative approach to business.

In addition to being interviewed on over 50 podcasts herself, Angie hosts the Pitched podcast, where she shares her knowledge of the podcast industry, along with pitching best practices. Personally, Angie is passionate about normalizing the voices of women in leadership positions, which she feels privileged to play an active role in through her work.

When she’s not knee-deep in the podcasting space for work, or chauffeuring her kids to and from the barn or ball field, you can find her slipping away for a Friday afternoon happy hour with her husband, hanging with her girlfriends, or enjoying all that her hometown of Richmond, VA has to offer.

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