Podcast predictions for 2023 with Sara Whittaker

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Podcasting is a fast paced and quickly growing industry, but what’s going to happen next? Today, Sara Whittaker and I share our podcast predictions for the podcasting industry in 2023. First we discuss some trends and stats for podcasting from the last year and how they will affect the industry in the future. Next Sara and I each give our predictions for the changes, growth, and future of the podcasting industry for the next year. We discuss our predictions in sponsorships, video podcasting, podcast specific tools and software, and more.

Sara Whittaker is the owner of the boutique podcasting agency Podcasting For Educators. She is also the Director of Customer Success inside the Podcast Manager Program. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to podcasting!

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In this episode we cover:

  • Turning newsletters into podcasts
  • The growth of podcasting listeners in the past year and some podcast stats
  • The innovation and growth of podcasting specific software, tools, features, and hosting platforms
  • The value of “micro-influencer” sponsorship opportunities and cross promotion ads
  • The expanding of the podcast scene from radio personalities to the novice podcaster, and more diverse voices
  • Advancements in video podcasting with youtube, spotify, and others
  • and, The future of Apple tags and searching podcast audio to find topics and new shows and episodes

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