Pricing 101: Crafting your first podcast management package

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Pricing your podcast management packages can be a challenge, especially when just starting out. Here’s how to set fair prices that reflect your expertise, find your sweet spot, and adjust your prices as you gain experience.

We cover why moving away from hourly pricing and into packages can benefit both you and your clients. We provide insights into what a standard podcast management package looks like. And discuss pricing strategies to help you achieve your monthly income goals without overworking yourself. We also dove into the topic of comparing prices with other podcast managers, highlighting both its helpful and not-so-helpful aspects.

We outline the key elements of a beginner package, including episode editing, writing episode descriptions, show notes, creating audiograms, and providing monthly stats. By providing a detailed breakdown, you will be able to grasp the essential components that should be included in your podcast management package.

By embracing the shift from hourly to packaged pricing, new podcast managers can set their prices strategically, ensuring a sustainable and thriving business.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • The importance of setting income goals before determining pricing
  • Benefits of moving away from hourly pricing into packages
  • Detailed breakdown of a typical standard podcast management package
  • Advice on evaluating and adjusting package prices after landing clients
  • The potential benefits and drawbacks of comparing prices with other podcast managers
  • and, The potential negative impact of setting prices too low on client perceptions

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