Should I go to a live event like ShePodcasts LIVE?

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Podcast conferences and live events can be a great opportunity to interact with your peers and learn information about your industry. I recently returned from attending She Podcasts Live and today I tell you about that experience and my thoughts about these types of events. I cover what I think are the biggest benefits of going to live conferences and some factors to keep in mind when you’re planning to attend. I discuss the different experience of virtual events versus those held in person and what you can expect from both. Additionally, I share some of the lessons that I learned from attending She Podcasts Live.

She Podcasts Live, Podcast Movement, and Podfest Expo are all unique events with their own energy and atmosphere. Aside from the obvious seminars and speakers, review a few of the less obvious lessons, tips, and tricks you’ll gain from conference attendance. I also discuss the opportunities for trust and credibility building in your community and forming connections through networking. Finally, I talk about non-podcast oriented events that you can attend to encounter your ideal podcast clients.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Re-affirming what you already know
  • Why you may need to get out of your regular routine
  • Client representation at conferences vs client development
  • Getting to know YOUR community in a group setting
  • What you will learn from a conference like ShePodcasts LIVE
  • The collaborative nature of the podcasting space
  • Metrics measurements and statistics for podcasts
  • The atmosphere of SHE Podcasts Live and other events
  • and, places you can go to meet clients you want to work with

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