Should your client start an audio-only podcast or a video podcast with India Brown

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Video is HOT right now! Everyone’s doing it, everyone watches it, and it’s available across all social media platforms. Video podcasts are gaining popularity, and can be a great tool for your clients to connect with and grow their audience. Today I’m talking with India Brown, a video marketing specialist that has a ton of great information about video podcasting. She shares some advice on how to transition an audio-only podcast to video and how to do it right!

One of the big things that podcasters need to know is how to repurpose their content. India and I discuss several ways to reuse video content and how to tailor it to different social media platforms. She also has some technical tips for us about batch recording and the equipment you need to start a video podcast. Like a lot of us, India is a mother working from home doing the balancing act between family life and building her business. She talks about how she structures her days, stays productive, and plans to launch her OWN video podcast!

As a Video Marketing Strategist, India empowers business and mindset coaches to show up confidently on camera, stand out and attract their ideal clients by creating a profitable video marketing blueprint for them.
Being a busy business owner herself, she understands the importance of making video simple and painless but effective and lasting. When she’s not helping clients, she’s chasing her 2 daughters alongside her husband.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • The 5 main benefits of video podcasting
  • What you can get done during the “naptime hustle”
  • Outsourcing and forming partnerships with video and podcast editors
  • How long your videos should be
  • Video posting options on social media
  • Why you should re-post older content
  • How to promote a podcast or video podcast with video
  • and, alternatives to Zoom for video interviews

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